Handango Acquires Level Up Ventures

On Monday, July 2, 2018, Handango finalized a deal to acquire Level Up Ventures, a Delaware limited liability company (LLC).

Level Up Ventures is a content marketing company that curates, publishes, and distributes content to targeted audiences for its clients. Level Up Ventures works with small startups and Fortune 500 companies alike, working with more than 100 clients in 12 countries and posting revenues of $12M in the 2017 fiscal year.

The acquisition of Level Up Ventures is a large step forward for Handango to fulfill our goal of constant innovation and attempt to stay ahead of the curve by adopting technologies early. Level Up Ventures has partnerships and licensing agreements that Handango is currently working on transferring to the Handango parent company with an expected time of completion by the end of Q4 2017.

Handango board has voted to keep the current board and C-level executives, including Greenberg as CEO. Day to day operations will be unaffected and no employees will be let off as a result of the acquisition: Handango plans to bring Level Up Ventures under its wing and foster its growth by providing the current team ample resources to make their dream a reality and continue changing the world.

“We are glad Handango shares the same vision as our current team”, says Greenberg. “Continuous innovation is the backbone of our results-based content marketing campaigns and why some of the biggest companies in the world trust us to deliver. We are excited to explore up-and-coming industries like outdoor gear, where we will launch an online retailer selling high-quality trekking poles.” Greenberg goes on to say “Our partnership with an influencer marketing agency has allowed for a mutually beneficial relationship and we are excited to announce revenue and overall growth in our core KPIs at the end of the fiscal year at our shareholder conference.”

Handango is excited for what the future holds and sends a special thank you to all board members and employees of both Handango and Level Up Ventures for the approval of the acquisition, as well as other parties involved to make this acquisition possible.

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